Rained out…

Well, we didn’t do a whole lot today, it was pouring down rain this morning and, since we’re on vacation, we decided we would just wait it out and relax inside. So, we spent most of the day surfing the internet, baking bread, sweeping and vacuuming, then fixing and super-cleaning my camera. Dave got my camera and telephoto lens to work together again! Yay!

I tested it out on a tweaky little bird in the bushes outside. If anyone knows what kind of bird it is I’d love to know…


We’ve got a great site here at Harris Beach SP, nice and private, at least so far. It’s supposed to be a nice weekend so we might get some neighbors.

So, today we were flipping through the Mile by Mile guide http://www.northwestmagazines.com/mile_by_mile_oregon_coast_2011.php

and came across a note on the stretch of Old Hwy 101 that we drove yesterday,

Note how it says “unsuitable for RVs”…

It finally stopped raining (and became a thick, clothes-soaking mist instead) around 4 so we decided to check out the campground and the trails. We eventually ended up down on the beach.

Dizzy sprinted around the beach for a while before finding rocks to climb. King of the Beach!

I found a ton of cool rocks (but no agates) and a few shells,

Dave found a new pet.

Then we found a spoon in the creek.

We carried it for a few minutes until we found it a new home.

The shape of a spoon is something Dizzy knows well, he just had to check it for food…

By now, I’m starting to wonder if the rain is getting to Dave…

…I’m getting a little worried actually…I think he seriously needs some sunshine.


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