Picture time!

If I wrote about the last few days, it would be a novel, so I’ll stick with pictures this time 😉

Another view of our site at Humbug Mountain State Park. Can’t see any water but the creek is between the RV and the bare trees. Dizzy is trying to figure out why we’re passing home again…(on our walk around the park).

Started the day with the tiniest slug ever on my running shoes. The night before we saw one that was longer than my foot.

Walking on the beach below Humbug Mountain. The lighting was perfect for pictures. The waves  breaking on the beach here are massive and the sand here is darker than other beaches we’ve been on, it’s almost black.

Sunset. We were the only ones there and were loving the peace…until the sun started to go down and a California couple came screaming (literally) down the hill from the Hwy. Typical Californians…flip flops,  sweatshirts, perfect hair, big sunglasses, skin tight stretchy pants (even on the guy), and big flowing scarves (even on the guy). Oh well, we still enjoyed the sunset and had a great evening and they stayed down the beach from us.

The Humbug Mountain Trail is a very nice trail. Well walked, old tread, and great scenery. Lots of flora growing along the sides but it’s not overgrown to point of hanging into the trail.

Someone has been through since the winter storms to clear the fallen trees but there are a couple trees that had fallen with the roots of the tree (and all of the dirt that goes with it) across the trail so we had to climb over the newly created berm while using the roots as handholds. Dave is trying to pull this tree back up the hill, it might take him awhile. The roots are pretty impressive, as is the hole they left in the hillside, but the tree itself was at least 100′ tall, now laying in pieces down the hill.

We met another couple about a 1/2 mile into the hike and after a quick chat we took turns getting our pictures. The tree beside us is small compared to some that we came across later in the hike.

It’s kind of hard to make out but there’s a whole new ecosystem, including another tree, growing out of the roots of a tree that fell a looong time ago.

This is the first waterfall we came to on Humbug Mountain Trail.

We get to the split and Dave and Dizzy have a brief discussion to decide which route to take, the East Trail (2 miles to the summit) or the West Trail (1.5 miles to the summit). They decide to take the East Trail up to the summit and the West Trail back down. Good choice.

We get to the summit just in time for lunch, and a downpour…Dave tries his best to keep his hair dry and uses the only thing available…

…and he was Glad to have it! Get it? Glad? Gladware? mwahaha…anyways…

We met one more person at the summit but didn’t see anyone else on the way down. Great hike! Maybe we’ll do it again on our way back north.

Met this happy dog down at the Port of Port Orford while we were watching the ships being hoisted. He walked right up to me, dropped his stick and waited. I threw it for him a few times before he moved on to the next visitor. He must be a regular because he knew the areas to avoid, would stop to wait for the trailers to move and everyone he walked up to would pet him. Cool dog. There were a few other dogs around, too but most of them stayed in the boats or truck beds they were in and just watched the action.

A Coast Guard Rescue boat on display at the Lifesaving Station Museum in Port Orford. This wooden boat was built in the early 1930s and was in service until the mid 1970s. The museum was closed so we’ll try to make it on our way back north.







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