Speaking of Highway 101…The S L O W way…

Off we go. Down Highway 101 headed for Harris Beach, Or.


There is an easy way to get from Humbug Mountain to Harris Beach and there is the “cool” way to get there. We chose the cool way. We got off the “new” 101 and took about 18 miles of the old 101 highway. Our GPS did not even list the “town” that was in the middle somewhere. Off we go. First thing we notice as we start up the steep grade is how small the road is. Heather (Go Heather!!!) is driving and I am the navigator. Our 32 foot RV is tweaking thru the trees and low power lines. Trees down everywhere except on the road because the road crews had cut them out… It only began to get interesting when we noticed the road crew coming down the road we are going up and they are all pointing and laughing at us. Guess they don’t see too many RV’s on that road. Here is a view out the windshield.

Note on the GPS how the road winds…

There were several wash-outs that my super skilled driver Heather had to navigate through. Some even had us on the left side of the road going around some small “rivers” running across the road. In many places the road simply fell away. Nothing but a few orange cones between the road and the cliff.

About the 8 mile mark the road was almost impassable by large vehicles. You would think we would have turned around? No. Besides, WHERE are you going to turn around a 32 foot vehicle on a small road? Press on!!!

It was worth the trip – Because WE got to see this:

So Dave out of gratitude decided to thank the Rain/Waterfall God with an old fashion “shout out” of thank you…

The God(s) must have heard him… Has NOT stopped raining since he did the shout out.


Way to go D A V E…


4 thoughts on “Speaking of Highway 101…The S L O W way…

  1. That picture of Dave reminds me of Hugh Jackman on Wolverine! lol what a great side trip!! gutsy of you this time of year!! lol keep up all the great blogs!!

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