Old Highway 101 still impressive today.

Wow – who would have “thunk” that we would be able to stroll down a long stretch of old highway 101 in Oregon with zero cars on it… We did that today. I suppose this old highway would be our “Route 66” of the coast…but a 101 version.


We were parked in Humbug Mountain State Park and decided on a short walk this morning. Here is our RV hidden from the all seeing eyes of the tax man…







After coffee it was off to the trails. We were surprised to find a long stretch of a highway at the top of our climb…






Here is Dave with a death grip on his morning coffee… Anyway in the background you can see the “stripes” of the old 101 road. Imagine doing 55+ MPH down and around the curve behind me… A short distance down the road is a new bridge. What you can’t see is the beams of the old bridge below.  I am standing where the old bridge came over…









Heather took this shot from the new bridge…

We continued up the Oregon Coast trail and saw this cool plant. We know what this is do you?




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