RECON Fail – 2nd Wave of Death

A recent “RECON” (that’s reconnoiter for you civilians) was a total fail by the Mighty Mouse Militia that attacked Dave, Heather and Dizzy while peacefully loitering in their RV.

The Mighty Mouse Militia (MMM) sent their best Ranger/Special Forces commando to RECON the RV and discover the unknown status of the prior MMM combatant sent a couple of days earlier. The first MMM assault was a dismal failure. Although the combatants did inflict some minor damage (poo, eaten food, mouse bedding) there was NO loss of life within the RV friendly forces.

What the MMM did not know was that Dave, a 27 year Army veteran and psychopath by nature expected the attack. Dave was given an intelligence report by a Florida source that an attack was imminent. With the attack information at hand and the succesful interrogation of the first MMM to rely on, Dave formulated an exceptional plan.

Bait and wait…

The tactic worked. Exceptionally well…

MMM RECON Force 2 was terminated with extreme prejudice using the same tactic as used on fellow Mighty Mouse number 1.

Score: Dave(2), Mighty Mouse Militia(0)

All mice in this story are/were real. No names have been changed to protect the innocent. All mice were executed. All mice died in the selfish service to themselves. All mice left some poo, some before execution, others the second the mouse killing device broke their neck and they defecated on themselves…

So goes war. It’s an ugly thing.

I savored the challenge and WILL do it again.

Only the strong survive…Airborne!!!

Little mice – be afraid. Be VERY afraid…


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