Packing Out Again…(AKA Fixing) then packing.

Packing up again for a road trip. Going back to Umpqua River Lighthouse to help with a dedication ceremony. More on that in later post(s)…

Sooo… Cleaning stuff up and I discover that MORE (expletive here) mold is under and behind one of the drawers below the fridge. NOT in the plan for today…

Found it by reaching behind the drawer for a bag that fell behind the drawer and then noticing that the bearings to the drawer slider were broke…

So I will be going from a simple task retrieving a bag to:

(A) Fixing the drawer rails and bearings…

(B) Removing the mold

(C) Cleaning and repacking the drawer since we have it dismantled anyway…

Amazing how fast we get into “unprogrammed” work ever day.

Life. Love it before you leave it…


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