Day 2 of our super-mini vacation

Finally, on to “day 2” of our time spent with Gary in Portland. But first…things I forgot to include with “day 1″…

The link to Voodoo Doughnuts website  , check out the doughnut list, that alone is entertaining. Also take a look at the press section.

The stained glass windows above the entrance.

Dave and Gary digging into the Voodoo Dozen at the tables outside, at 10:30ish pm.

Lastly, in the women’s bathroom at Lloyd Center I noticed something wispy coming from the fire sprinkler, is that hair?? Seriously, how does that happen? The ceiling is at least 10 feet high,and that is above the handicapped stall… weird and kinda gross.

Anyway, moving on! Back to the original topic.

So, we left Portland around 11pm on Wednesday and Gary and Dizzy were both passed out in the backseat before we even got on the freeway. He woke up long enough to go grocery shopping with us then went right back to sleep. Wish I could do that but I can’t sleep in cars… He stayed the night on our living room floor with Dizzy and after 3 years in our RV he was our very first guest! We’ve had visitors but they’ve stayed in tents or RVs. It was 32 degrees that night by the time we got back so tenting was out.

The next morning we had a big, yummy, country-style breakfast (made by Dave) with our regular morning latte (also made by Dave), which Gary said was better than what he makes at work (at Starbucks), and some Voodoo Doughnuts. We cruised around our park to show it off, drove out to Vernonia for some Grab Ass Coffee (that’s the actual name of the blend…), went for a quick walk over the Buxton Trestle on the Banks-Vernonia Trail,

and then headed back into Portland.

First up was lunch at the Portland Food Carts.


Another must do if you’re ever in Portland. The food carts make up Pods in different areas of town, I think we went to the largest Pod and there had to be 100 carts in one city block. You can find any kind of food you’d like: BBQ, Thai, Vietnamese, Seafood, Fried Eggs, Wraps, German Brats, Grilled Cheese…you name it! It’s awesome! I know, you think food cart you think gut truck, roach coach, maggot wagon, something along those lines, but these are not those. The whole experience is just too cool. It’s a very busy place but with so many carts available there are very few lines. I didn’t go any further than here (love their slogan!).

Grilled cheese and tomato soup–YUM! My all-time favorite and perfect for the cold-ish day we had. Dave and Gary both ordered from the Carolina-style BBQ place on the other side of the block.They said it was all really good, too, for once, no one shared…

We walked to a park close by to eat.

Everything was good and not too badly priced, no more than you would pay at a regular cafe. I think we all paid about $7 each, and worth it. There are very few places to sit down to eat but that was ok too. The park was nice, very clean, no graffiti, no litter, no strange people hanging around and the trash cans weren’t overflowing. There were a few pigeons but not until we finished eating, then we noticed about 20 of them sitting on the edge of the building across the street, their beady little eyes following our every bite… Overall good experience, the rain even held off until we took our last bites.

Well, that post took longer than expected, as expected. I’ll continue “day 2” another day. Enjoy!


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