It’s Voodoo!

So, Voodoo Doughnuts is like the nightclub for doughnuts. It’s open 24/7 and I’ll bet that there is a line 24/7. We got in line behind about 40 people at 9:45 PM and got to the counter a little after 10. We usually don’t wait in line for anything but this was worth it, and we’ll do it again. In line were people dressed like they were going to an exclusive nightclub, college students, obvious tourists (that’s where I fit in with my camera snapping away), a family with little kids, a few gray-haired folks, and a group that was well on their way to being totally wasted. But, everyone was just doing  their own thing, waiting in line for doughnuts like it was normal. The newbies to Voodoo, like us, spent most of the time in line tripping on the glittery-gold painted brick wall that was the outside of the shop, too cool.

I bumped cameras with the girls in line behind us trying to get a good shot, good conversation starter, except they didn’t seem to speak much English.

When you get to the door you start seeing signs,

The view from the front. The bottom sign basically says to wait until there is adequate space before entering, so one out one in. We counted out 3 people before entering. Again, it’s 10PM and the shop is full and the line has now grown longer than the velvet ropes that line the wall. And not a single person complains about having to wait…that was interesting since you hear complaints when the grocery store line hits 3 people.

From the entrance we could start to see the doughnuts and the menu, is that Captain Crunch and Fruit Loops on those doughnuts? Yep. Oreos? M&Ms? Cocoa Puffs?! Yep, that’s mine! Even Dubble Bubble! Awesome. Below is what was left of our Voodoo Dozen (they chose for you) the next morning.

We got the dozen and an individual each. Gary’s main goal was to try the Bacon Maple Bar, it looked good, smelled good and he says it was delicious.

We sat outside at one of the many picnic tables that made up the neighborhoods eating area to eat our doughnuts and people watch. We left on a sugar high around 10:30 and line was even longer. We hear it gets really crazy around 2am when Portland’s clubs and bars let out. Cool place, next time we’re in Portland we’re going to go back and try another of their interesting creations. Highly recommended place to go if you’re ever in Portland.

Having a party? You can order a coffin of doughnuts for $100, I can’t remember how many dozen but it was a lot, the coffin is about 4′ tall and about 1′ deep.


~~Alright! It took me 2 days to write about 1 day! I’ll start writing about the 2nd day in Portland tomorrow, maybe I’ll have it done by Friday… ~~


2 thoughts on “It’s Voodoo!

  1. oh you made me hungry!!! btw, there’s a new Voodoo doughnuts in Eugene now!! I’ll get you the address or you can google it!

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