All in a days work.

We worked on a new trail today close to the park entrance. The trail does not have too many challenges but it did come with a huge root system on the trail from some of the old trees there… Here is Dave going at the roots with a pole saw:

Heather poses with the small piece we were finally able to get out of the ground. It was directly in front of the display the visitors in the park come to see… Big beast. You can see the railing in front of the drop-off in the background. The panels in the back explain how the trees were “air lifted” into the stream below the drop-off to support salmon runs upstream.

Of course when no one was looking, Heather spent some “quality time” with the tree trying to explain to it that the mother ship would indeed live and that the root would eventually be recycled into the earth and become a tree again. The root did not seem to be amused or comforted… at first. Then we noticed a smile on part of the root we had just cut. Was the root/tree actually listening to us?  Hmmmmm…. things that make you go: Hmmmmmm.

The look on the tree root in the ground let us know that all would be well… Must have been an older tree because it had a mustache.

On the way back Heather demonstrated the OSHA way to drive… Hands in the proper position and eyes forward. Does OSHA say anything about eating apples?

Don’t think so….

Then it was on to some chill time by the fire… Dave tosses some precision horseshoes and Dizzy catches some rays in his chillax chair.

Typical day in the park.


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