Our Super-mini-vacation in Portland

Last Wednesday my brother, Gary, took the train down from Seattle (after flying there from Arizona for a friend’s wedding) to spend a day with us. He got in at 6 pm and we went straight to Burgerville for dinner. Burgerville is exclusive to Washington and Oregon (opened in 1961 with 38 restaurants so far)  but if you’re ever up here it’s the place to go for great burgers, fries and shakes made from local ingredients. They also have the coolest Coke machine! I geeked out on it, took a few pictures, went through the menus a few times before choosing my drink and got some crazy looks from the city dwellers–I know they were thinking “Wow, dude, it’s just a Coke machine…” but it’s the most high-tech Coke machine I’ve ever seen…maybe we’ve been out in the woods too long?… Anyway, it’s touch screen and most soda choices have a list of other flavor options. I chose Coke which gave me choices of Vanilla, Cherry Vanilla, Raspberry, Lime, Orange, and others. It also offered Vanilla Mr Pibb. I went for Cherry Vanilla Coke and it was yummy. We also don’t drink soda very often which made it taste even better!

From there we went to Lloyd Center to check out the ice skating rink. How cool is it (literally) to have an ice skating rink inside a 3 story mall? It’s fun to just watch people, even if you don’t get out there yourself. There were a lot of figure skaters and hockey players practicing their moves, also a lot of kids (and a few adults) making their way around hugging the walls to stay upright.

Outside of the mall the cherry trees were in full bloom! Beautiful!

On to the main attraction–Voodoo Doughnuts! But that’s a story for tomorrow, the program is being persnickity and it’s time for me to go to bed.






3 thoughts on “Our Super-mini-vacation in Portland

    1. Thats the one! Too cool-I bet the other customers got a good laugh though watching me geek out on it…Living in an Rv in the woods with no Tv can put someone a little behind on new technology…

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