Walking Success? Parking lot fail?

I suppose it is easy to chronicle our failures in life. Easier to laugh at and easier to identify with. Today we worked really hard at trail cleaning. It took four hours to clear what is a normal 30 minute walk down a trail. On the way back we decided to go the extra steps to take a trail back to our RV. We got about 200 or 300 yards past where we would normally turn into the park and had the “Hey, where is the car?” thought.

It was in the parking lot we had just passed…

We were so focused on our success and the great day of sunshine we totally forgot about the car in the parking lot… You had to be there. We could have walked to the RV and came back but the keys to the RV was in the car. We had to go back.

No problem. More exercise.

A great day indeed…. Just look at our happy faces.


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