Head Banging Day!

Alright! Yea! Far Out Man! Shut the front door! That was sick man!

These are some sounds heard at at a head banging rock concert… Dave had his own rock concert this morning. While cooking breakfast, preparing the RV for the day and checking the Internet for weather updates (dishes too) ((did we mention he likes to multitask?)) he found a new way to “rock the house” and his head at the same time.

If you have been in an RV you know everything seems to be within reach. Distances from floor to roof are smaller and things are compact. Ergo things are sometimes in the way or as I like to say the “Angle to the dangle” is closer.

So. Combine (1) one Dave with sleepy eyes and minimun coffee. (2) breakfast cooking (3) a dash of OCD and fixing the bed for the day in the back of the RV.  Toss in a set of steps and an open bathroom door and most importantly a towel rack without a towel on it (extra secure, sturdy and sharp corners) and VOILA!

Dave rocks the house (literally) with his head banging into the towel rack.

Result: Dave gets big knot on his head (no blood). The house rocks from his physical motion. Various expletives are dispensed throughout the RV. RV neighbors begin to bring kids back into their RVs. People begin to point in our direction.

Conclusion: It hurt. New method to hurt ones self in RV discovered.

Prevention: Hold Dave’s hand and escort him thru the hall into the bathroom safely.

Laugh a lot (it was funny afterwards) but not at the moment.


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