Hosed… It conjures up so many visions. Some not so nice. Some nice – like the fresh water hitting your skin in a shower of cooling droplets in the hot summer sun.

But, I digress…

Hosed. There I was looking around the campground at the hordes of people coming in for the weekend. In our “loop” we have several large parties, rigs and lots of critters. All using lots of water.

So, being the thinking man I am I surmise that I should top off our reserve water tank in case the limited water supply in the park goes dry (not likely in Oregon) but it sounded good rattling around in my brain.

Engage the water hose and couple it to the RV. Good. Turn on the water. Good. Observe flow. Bad…. Crap. The water flow is WAY low, almost down to a dribble. Validating my theory that the water pressure will remain low and continue to get lower as more and more and more and more and more hordes of people come in and use up our limited water supply.

Water finally tops off (as indicated by the water running OUT of the RV). Good. Terminate water device. Good. Return water hose to water hose area. Good.

NOTICE on the way that the water hose is KINKED.

Long pause…. Longer pause. Thinking. Calculating. Generating story to cover lack of observation.

Did I mention before that I had convinced Heather that the water pressure is LOW and even demonstrated it to her with the hose… “Hey look at this Heather…the water pressure is way low. Better fill up the tank while we can.” or words to that effect.

Now I’m hosed. Do I (a) Confess and tell her the real reason the water pressure is low or (b) play it off?


Followed soon after by



Feels good to be truthful though…and it made her laugh.

Can’t be all bad.


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