OCD never takes a vacation…

So, here we are back at Umpqua River Lighthouse for the weekend, as Dave mentioned yesterday. Dave did 4 tours today and, as always, had a blast giving them and, as always, everyone came back laughing and giving him loads of thanks for a great tour. He does love his “job”!

Today was an interesting weather day, constant high winds, sideways rain and massive waves crashing over the jetties. The Coast Guard tower in the dunes was flying the Gale Warning flags which means the winds were (and still are) between 39 and 54 mph, we heard of gusts of 100 mph just a little bit north of us… There weren’t too many people around (but everyone that came out today was an Oregonian or visiting an Oregonian) so the museum was pretty quiet, most of my entertainment today came from watching a tree lean closer and closer to the ground…it hasn’t fallen yet but I think it will be on the ground by morning. Shouldn’t damage anything but it will fall between the power lines and the guard shack in the museum parking lot. Should be interesting, it’s supposed to be just as windy tomorrow.

Anyway, after “work” we made a run to the grocery store (after forgetting the ONLY thing we went for yesterday…milk) and on the way stopped at Unger’s (http://www.ungersbayfishnchips.com/) for coffee, fries and good conversation. We always enjoy going there, even though we haven’t actually had a meal there yet, just coffee and fries every time. It’s a floating restaurant down in Winchester Bay, only 4 tables (14 people) in the main “boat” but they have 2 other separate “boats” with tables and video lottery and a small floating patio with small outdoor tables. It’s a really neat place and the folks are always nice, it’s rarely crowded but by the time we left (after hanging out for almost 3 hours…) they had 2 “boats” filled with visitors. Yay for local business! This is where I send people when they ask “What’s a good place to eat?”

So, we finally got our milk (and steak and dessert), came back, had a great dinner

then Dave went to work “going GI” on the bathroom sinks and attempting to snake the backed-up shower after doing the dishes and cleaning the kitchen.

He also spent and hour and a half this morning super-cleaning the lighthouse and Brasso-ing all of the brass.

Now that’s some clean brass! That’s actually the brass pedestal for the light bulb inside of the lens.

Tomorrow morning, first thing, he’s fixing the door handle to the front door so the visitors can actually get in. This building is 70+ years old and when it’s wet outside (like, always here…) the doors swell so you have to pull really hard to get inside and do the “hip bump” to get out, people usually think the door is locked and either knock or walk away… Well, it was even more difficult to open today with the wind blowing against it so by the end of the day the door handle was just plain tired and broke off when I tried to get back in after pulling the OPEN signs. Luckily there was someone on the other side of the door to let me in so I didn’t have to walk all around the building in the blowing rain banging on windows to get someone’s attention… Anyway, this is our “working” vacation…

Now, we’re sitting here in the quiet museum on a dark, stormy night eating more strawberry shortcake and yogurt and listening to the wind continue to howl.


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