Hanging out in the Red Light District (Again)

Dave can’t seem to get enough!!! Always wanting to return to the Red Light District in Winchester Bay, OR. Not that it’s a bad thing. He loves his “work” in the red district light area. In fact he loves the work so much that the “boss” recently gave him a special coin for his contribution to the work done there:


The coin was presented to ALL the staff for a job well done. Dave just happened to be the lucky one to give him a tour of the lighthouse. It was presented by Rear Admiral Taylor http://www.uscg.mil/flag/d13.asp a real neat guy and guardian of our shores.

We “joke” about working in the “red light district” because Umpqua is the only red light (lighthouse) on the Oregon coast. She is a beauty. 24 beams of light – 8 red and 16 white. Guiding ships for over 118 years…

We are hanging out there this weekend to help during Spring Break and whale watch week…busy for the locals.

On the way we saw these elk. Made some GREAT elk burgers tonight. Oh..that was turkey. My bad…

Then on to some excellent strawberries n cream.

We passed a really cool house (historic) on the way here too in Drain, OR. Yup spelled that right: Drain, OR. And yes Virgina there is a Curtain, OR too…lol

And its history… (of Drain too)

Wind is howling outside tonight. We are staying in the museum (80 years old) that is close to the light… Wind is doing 60 mph or so…



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