99.9% of all things made by human hands can indeed be “fixed” by duct tape. Or so the legend goes… However it becomes self-evident in the course of human events that SOME things indeed fall out of the realm of the duct tape world. This is one of those times. You are about to enter the “RV Zone” (insert Twilight Zone Theme playing here…playing softly in the background.)

A man has an RV. The RV is not well.  The wires on the RV are incorrectly wired too close to the super-hot-as-hell-burn-your-fingers-bulb and pose a fire hazard. Look close to how the wire passes above and close to the light bulb:


A close up of the wire shows the decay from the excessive heat turning the wire brittle. Also note that the RV company that built the (expletive) thing put 8 out of 10 in that way (expletive again).


To which the “man” of the RV screams in horror “This just ain’t right!” and then poses for the “Oh My Gosh” photo..


To which the woman of the house says “fix it.”  “I will make you some “cake pops”. Now, for all of you in parts of the US who have not had cake pops yet, you need to know that they are the “crack” of cakes. I mean you can NOT eat just one. You MUST finish the whole batch at one sitting.

So now the deal was on..finish the re-wire of the lights in the RV so we could get on to the real meaning of life: eating cake pops.

So the man begins the work of fixing it.

Cut, snip, strip, clip, and just be hip while doing it all to the sound of music and the smell of cake pops…

Remember boys and girls, don’t try this at home or in your RV unless you are a trained professional AND you wear all the required safety gear:

Well…you have to give him credit for the safety gear anyway. The professional part is in his mind anyway…

So, there. I fixed them. They are almost-sort-of-kinda-just about as good as-new…

After a final “test’ of all the affected light fixtures and a final self approval rating of 101.277% accuracry rate – the “man” moves on to eating the cake pops, which by the way were also covered in a yummy green candy exterior…

If you look close (at the next picture) you can see bits of cake pops stuck to the man’s mustache in this photo taken several days later and at several thousand feet of altitude.

Me’s thinks he is still detoxifying from all the cake pops he ate that day.

Cake pops can remain in your system for a LONG time.

There IS a test for it.

There is NO antidote…yet.

Part of this story was made up (me thinks).

But not about the cake pops or the lights I had to fix…


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