Dirty Boys and Girls

We all get dirty. Some of us more than others. Some of us in ways that others do not need to know about. Some of us in ways the others want to know about but are afraid to ask. Some of us just don’t care…what others think when we are dirty. Here is Heather getting “dirty” with her work on the trail:


Now That’s my dirty girl… But WAIT – There’s more!!!


Yummy orange…. It was good too.

So how does Heather find the energy to do all that “dirty work” on the trail? Well some of the days she is suprised with a special breakfast that just makes her to want to “get up and go” all day long…


I suppose she needs the extra fuel to put up with the “wood thug” she has to hang out with all day. That would be me.


The above picture is xtra funny because 2 minutes before I took it we passed an corrections inmate work crew that was loading up to leave and go back to the prison (or jail?). Anyway – they are all clean cut and dressed in fashionable “orange” of the day and we drove by looking like this…LOL

Not to worry. We had a good day on the trail. Made good progress even though it was about 38 degrees and raining (sleeting too?) and the trail was extra soggy. BUT I did notice my weed cutter AKA: bush whacker or AKAA: The Sickle was making peace with the plants and the old stumps..


Peace Out… was whispered somewhere in the background as I snapped this photo…


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