Huh? You say… What is Stachybotrys??? Well its also known as: chlorohalonata or “toxic black mold” in the U.S. and is frequently associated with poor indoor air quality that arises after fungal growth on water-damaged building materials… Also known as the RV Plague!!!

On a routine “mission” a couple of days ago working around in the RV we found the “plague” again. We had a problem with it in the front cab of the RV last year in Oregon and again this year.


Yum, yum, yum!!! This spot in the closet is in the “corner” of the RV and the farthest away from any heat and breeze. The combo leads to mold. We had to move EVERYTHING into the living room for a couple of days and clean the mold. Here is what the living room looked like:


Scrub, scrub and scrub some more. Mold like to eat everything and it took off some of the cheap paper from the closet floor and wall. But it’s now mold free (for today anyway).


Working on more insulation in the area and better ventilation to prevent it from happening again.

Now for some reason every morning we wake up all the clothes hangers seem to have strangely crawled out of the closet. Are they rebelling? Or just trying to tell us something?


This was not the only place in the RV we have/had the problem.  Also in the front near the TV area. Almost anywhere there is little air flow. Think we have MOST of it under control now…


3 thoughts on “Stachybotrys

  1. Dave, not many men are willing to discuss coming out of the closet so freely as you have. I know those are Heather’s dresses but those toe socks have to be yours, rock the rainbow.

    Try a few of these. (to see picture)

    We had to put a few in, one in the piano, they use the same draw as a 6-20 watt bulb, no noise one plug each. Works like a champ.

    Of course you may also want to find where the leaks are too…

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