14 loads of laundry later….

Dave didn’t mention in the previous post that we decided to wash everything we took out of the closet, everything on and around the bed (and the bed itself), all of the rugs, all of Dizzy’s toys and bedding and pretty much everything and anything fabric. Remember that we have no washing machine and have to travel up to the shop to use the community machines, which is fine because they work great and we don’t pay the water or electric bill… So, while Dave was cleaning mold I was washing clothes, it took me 2 days but I got through 14 loads. I still have more to do but anything contaminated or even remotely contaminated has been washed and dried. We haven’t finished “rebuilding” the closet though so all of those 14 loads (minus the bedding) are folded and stacked in the backseat of my car… The plus side is that now we can sort through our clothes for donate-ables and maybe even come up with a better organizing solution to prevent future mold problems.

Today was also another snow day! We woke up to a dusting and after making plans to go outside and work a storm front moved in and dumped 3 inches in less than 2 hours, there went our work plans. We spent a couple of hours snow shoveling because we actually have campers, then got back to work putting the bedroom back together. I guess it was kind of a productive day… 


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