She has a “chain saw” you say…

So this morning during breakfast Heather drops several items… Makes a mess with the dish water and Dizzys water bowl and the list goes on.

It’s off to work and we both have long “pole chain saws”…Hmmmm. Might want to think this one out Dave says to himself (silently of course).  And with my plan in place up the hill we go to cut some more trees. It’s one of the highest peaks in the park and here is a view of the snow trail we took to get to work today:

Its finally getting Spring(ish) in some parts of the park:

On our walk back to the truck we noticed these initials in the snow. Rumor has it that some of the hosts here saw some UFO’s over the weekend and we suspect they left their initials in the snow as a warning to all to “just be nice”. We are just not sure…

And for our devoted followers (right) we present a before and after shot.. Some may remember our recent story about getting stuck in the snow – sort of. Well today we went “up” the road that we could not go “down” a few days ago because of the deep snow. Here is a before and after shot of the same intersection on top of the mountain:

About three feet of snow melted during the last few days… If we had turned left onto the road we would have been about 1 mile or so from the main road. BUT: there was a few feet of snow on the road and it is steep. We saw today where a few trees had been removed from the road as well. So, if we would have gone down and encountered a down tree we would have been “done for” so to speak. In “Skittle Land” as Dave likes to call it. By that I mean if you walk down the road to the nearest “house” (looks more like a junk yard) and had the guts to knock on the door – assuming you could find a door. Asking for help might be the last thing you remember… Just saying. I hear the tune from “Deliverance” playing in the background…Just saying.



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