She was just saying…”You might need chains…”

The country ride started out normal… Green pastures and pleasant farm views:

Then is got a little “hairy” as we moved up from about 200 feet above sea level to about 500 feet or so:

This is one of those “You took your small car where?!!!” kind of conversation starters…

The GPS started saying “Dave, I can’t do that…” but I just thought it was a computer glitch so I put it on silence. Then we passed an “ominous” tree on the side of the mountain that just had that “u need to turn around” look…

See the “dark shadow” of the tree? Anyway…another mile or so up the road the local deer began to follow us along the road and seemed to “snicker and snort” the further up the road we went. Trying to tell us something?

I swear they were “laughing” at us all the time and continued to “pass the word” to other deer lookouts along the road.  After a few more miles of the snow getting deeper and the road looking like NO cars or trucks had been on it we came to what we now call the “decision spot”.

I mean…what would YOU do? To the right is uphill and about 2 plus feet of snow and to the right is downhill and about 1 and 1/2 feet of snow… So I say “Lets go down..easy route to the main road…” At least according to the GPS that I had silenced…  Here is a closer look out the windshield:

If we had a truck with great clearance and big knobby studded tires, I would have gone right…Oh well, next time when the roads are dry.

Since Heather was driving and I was the navigator, I make the bright decision to get off the mountain down to the left. We go about 20 feet around this corner and then we are pointed down hill and there is at least 2 feet of uncleared snow on the road. The only sign of travel is the previous tracks of a 4X4 that “may” have come up/down the road in the last 48 hours.


So I go out and walk the road for a closer look to see if we can make it down the road:

He didn’t go far, just until he could see around the corner.

Bigger crap!!!

Nope not gonna happen. Sooooo0, since we are pointed down hill on a road that has 2 feet of slick snow what to do. I hear a “You might need chains” from the driver. Naw, not me. We don’t need no stinking chains I say. To which Heather says – OK. You drive… And I did. Since we CAN’T possibly go down the hill we “dig out” a spot for us to turn around in. I will drive..I say. To which she says “You might need chains..”  Naw I say. Only to admit about 30 seconds later that “YES Virginia, we DO need chains.” And if I would have listened to you we would NOT be in this mess!!! To which she simply smiles and says. Yup…

We spent the next 30-45 minutes of “light that was left” digging the front of the car out of the snow drift I put it in while backing into our “turn around spot”.

That is: In the snow drift without the chains… Then Heather put the chains on…

Worked like a charm. Yup – she says…

Finally got it turned around about 6ish at dark and headed back down the same road we came up on.

The deer were still on the side of the road, just out of sight, still laughing…heard something about “chains” as we drove by…


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