Umpqua and Back

Went to Umpqua (Winchester Bay, OR) for the weekend… Stayed in the old Coast Guard facility that is now a musem. Took time to see the band Candy Apple Bleu. An excellent cover band for 70s and 80s songs.


Before we left the area we had a great dinner at a local diner. Super good food…


Dave is trying a new “diet” called “eat-till-you-caint-eat-no-more-oink-oink-diet or something like that…


On the way home (sort of) we stopped by the Tilamook cheese factory. Been there before but today was great with no lines at any of the tourist spots… Here is a shot of workers cutting 40 pound blocks of cheese into the ones we all buy at the store.


No trip to Tilamook would be complete without going to the ice cream shop… Here Heather is working on her version of a diet. A little smaller than mine and tastier…


Ok…back to the Wii fit!!!




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