On the Pacific road again (101)…

Down at Umpqua River Lighthouse for the weekend. The museum director asked us to come down this weekend and help out with tours. We are veterans of tours here and at the “sister” lighthouse Heceta Head a few miles north of here… The town of Reedsport hosted “Confluence”, a wine, beer and seafood festival, this past Friday and Saturday. We went both nights and watched a great cover band do 80’s music on Friday. The band had 99% of the guests cutting the rug by the end of the evening, including us.

Today (Sunday) we went south to Coos Bay and out to Sunset Bay/Shore Acres state park. Dave learned a new technique he saw on the Internet called planking. Totally stupid and fun.


Not bad for a first plank… Then he discovered he could plank and rest at the same time. He loves to multi-task…


Wow…planking, resting and meditating by the pond. What more could you ask for?

Had some random strangers take a decent shot of us hanging out in the garden: Too cute?


Went from the garden out to a lookout spot and watched the waves for a while. These look small in the picture but they were probably several stories tall.


And finally here is Dizzy showing Dave which way is “up” in front of the 118 year old Umpqua River Lighthouse. We are staying in the museum just a few hundred yards away. It was built in 1939.



3 thoughts on “On the Pacific road again (101)…

    1. He looks tough but what you don’t see is the North Korean guard just off camera pointing the AK-47 at his head… and the track marks in his arms from all the heroin he uses because there is nothing to eat in North Korea…

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