Baking Big Banging Bread – Booyah!!!

Let’s hear you say that 10 times real fast…

A mouthful…I know. But the bread Heather is making with our recycled $12 bread maker is hard to describe. Endless combinations… and fresh! Even the bakery does not compare to how fresh/hot/good tasting our bread is. Heather is now the Breadmaster of our RV. She is one hot baking mama!!!

Man…oh…man… Hot-diggity-bread!!!

Let the slicing begin!!!

Here comes the jam and butter!

Right now (as I type this) she is making a whole wheat/wheat germ/almond/sunflower seed/flax seed and pumpkin seed combination loaf with a little brown sugar for sweetness. MMMMMMmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Good!!!

Would post a picture of me drooling but that would be gross.


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