Add an extra “0” to our “00.00s”

I know. Strange title. But what I mean is that we felt so good about our trail work today that we decided to add another zero to the many zeros we are getting for all our hard work. As volunteers it is easy to quit early or leave the job unfinished for someone else to do… We typically choose to not do that. Many hosts do too, they work hard. We like to finish what we started and do the best we can-just as if the work was on our own property. Here is a look at a “before” picture of the trail we finished clearing/cleaning/grooming this week.

Above is what a “typical” trail looks like before we go to work on it. Lots of vines, ferns and blackberry over growth. It should be 6 feet wide and cleared from edge to edge. The trail picture above is about 3 or so feet cleared.

Here is a look at a trail before we clear it:

And here is the “after” clearing back to 6 feet. Still needs raking out…

Heather took the picture below to the entrance of the next trail we are going to clear. Come back in a few days to see what it will look like. That will probably be on the 22nd or so because we are taking a few days off to go to the ocean.

And I’m the Trail Pimp that is gonna cut it all D-O-W-N sucka!!!

U tell Mr. “T” we ain’t takin no jive from deez bushes!!!




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