All Done – The shed/cover is D-O-N-E!!!

The day finally arrived for us to complete what started out as a simple task: Make a “shed” or “cover” to protect the electronics for the massive garbage compactor that the rain is killing.    Simple – or at least it started that way. It was only in the details that it got complicated. Like: all our materials are used or bent, and we have no plans… Too easy Heather says…

Here Dave puts the final screws into the roofing.

And since everything Dave does must be industrial and tsunami proof, Heather grinds off the excess part of the screw protruding thru the roof.

And once again Dave has to try to make his “sparks” bigger than Heathers. Boys. Never satisfied…

And now the OSHA approved final product:

Of course no artist would forget to sign their baby…

Heather does the rumba with the shed before it leaves.

Dave does the tango…

And finally how it looks protecting the electronics for the compactor:

Proud parents – smiles and all.

And this is the view that all park users will have when they use the garbage area/recycle area in Stub Stewart state park… We really enjoyed this project and may be called upon to do some more. Not bad with mostly recycled materials…

 Great cover for the really big, mondo, huge, super sized compactor electronic control panel.

Gnite John Boy…


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