Nuther Hill…

Ok-the spelling is bad but I was raised in Missouri and they did not spend much on our education…

Anyway, we went on another (nuther for Missourians) 20+ mile ride today. Last week it was Heather waiting on me to catch up – this was her week.

It was a great ride “down the hill” 10 miles to Banks, OR. We were soooooo looking forward to the coffee at a local coffee shop in Banks. Only 50 feet or so away did we see the nasty, evil, wretched and totally absymal neon sign that simply said “closed”.


Oh well. Back up the hill to the state park. OUR coffee with cocoa was most excellent. That coupled with the super fine bread that Heather made in our sort-of-kinda-newish $12 bread maker was GOOOOOOOOD!!!!!!!! We made a fire outside and cranked up our “survival” radio (you actually have to wind it up) and listened to 4th quarter of the Super Bowl… Go Giants (thats for you Gary). The pizza that we bought in town yesterday with the added cheese and extra toppings I put on it was delish.

You should have been there-food coma around the camp fire with excellent coffee and an almost full moon. What else could a man need? (OH – the mousse we made earlier was decadant)…

Ok-NOW what more do you need?


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