Just About Done

We are just about done with the staining of the shed. Our Ranger had to get fresh paint from the store today. We got a late start due to a meeting but finished by 5:30ish. Stain the “top” tomorrow, then apply felt paper to the roof at some point. Later we apply the metal roof we have been cutting out the last couple of days. Starting to look somewhat professional.. I would ALMOST pay for one like it if I needed one…Learned a lot of what TO do and a lot of what NOT to do… We learned some new sheet metal skills: Like keeping your face far away from the embers zipping off the metal at mach 5…

And slicing the roofing…free-hand style. Can be done if you have patience.

Of course Heather always gets deep into the project. Here she gets a little in her hair? No…I think she is aiming for me this time…

Finally a  finished frame with a first coat of stain…

Come back soon and see the “roof” finished. We are writing up our “dedication” theme and will present it to the park as soon as we can. Fanfare included: LOL


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