Measure-Cut-Measure Again-Cut Again..

NOW it fits… Building a “cover” for the trash compactor here at Stub Stewart State Park. Sort of have a sample to work with but ended up with our own design… Making all the 15 degree angles match provided many flash-backs to my wood shop days of high school. Glad I paid attention then…pictures soon.

UPDATE: We were sooooo excited that the “base” of the cover was done. Just as our feverish congratulations to each other died down we came to a complete stop of all loud party sounds we were making. Nothing-silence-zip-nada-no sounds at all…


We put the support boards on the wrong posts… Sounds simple but for the next two hours we had to “undo” what was done  and put the support boards where they belonged. We had built it backwards.

Oh well, it was Monday. One of our Rangers at the park came by and seeing our dilemma said: “I spilled diesel fuel on myself, had a backed up pisser splash all over me while fixing it, then poured the liquid detergent in the dryer to clean the diesel off my clothes and then had to clean THAT up, and now I have to work with acid products to clean some things… WHAT could possible go wrong with that? 

Made us feel better…Our day actually went better with that in mind.


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