It was easy on the down hill run…

Rode from the park today (Stub Stewart) d-o-w-n to the town of Banks, OR. Passed several “check points” along the way that we could have (but for some demented reason did not) turn around at. Started at 3:30PM down the hill with the intent of turning around at the half-way point. It’s 11 miles to the town of Banks and we made it there pretty fast: 58 minutes from the park… Just in time to savor a cup of java and a muffin at a local coffee shop. Now on to the hard part-up hill back home.

The elevation gain from Banks to the park is about 800 feet or so. Not bad when you have 11 miles to do it in. And now the problems we encountered: (1) Five trees down on the trail that we had to carry our bikes around or simply go off into the ditch to avoid. (2) Getting dark-we have 35 minutes of light and many miles to go. (3) One headlight between us and two bikes. (4) Freezing fog-it was 38 degrees or so (and dropping as we go up in elevation). (5) Snow and ice on the trail with all the other debris from the wind/snow storm last week. (6) One bottle of water. (7) Lions, tigers and bears-oh my!!! (8) We were tired already-we worked “clearing” the North trail all day and now we are on the South part headed home. (9) Dave is getting old and felt it today.

Sooooooooooooo. Did we (A) Stop and call for a ride? (B) Stop at a local farmers house and ask for help? or (C) Make it all the way home (uphill remember) thru the freezing fog, snow covered trail, in the dark with one headlight, while taking breaks to whine about it a little?

Yup-C  Only the strong survive… And-not gonna do that one like that again. For sure. The “doctor” recommended Ramen and rest. Doing both now…


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