Mystery of the missing sponge…

Sponge Bob take note: We know where you live. And we will be coming to Bikini Bottom if necessary to get back our sponge… We love it, we need it, we care for it and yes – we paid for it. SO.. come out, come out wherever you are!!!

I went to wash dishes yesterday will all my usual accoutrements-rag, metal scrubber and sponge (strike that last word). And  S H A Z A M!!! The sponge is missing! No big deal. Just a sponge. But it’s MY sponge. Mine to hold and squeeze and drip and scrub and rub and lather with soap.

What happened to it? No clue… The funny thing is we live in an RV about the size of most peoples walk in closet. Not far for a sponge to travel in. We can’ find it. Not anywhere…

Perhaps the extra “lumps” in our pancakes DID have an origin other than the original pancake box… Hmmmmmmm




One thought on “Mystery of the missing sponge…

  1. I’m pretty sure one of the three of you ate it. Can’t say if Dave gets that hungry but if you see bubbles near Dizzy when he passes doggy wind, he might be the culprit. I’m certain in his mind he was telling you not to worry about the dishes anymore…

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