Mountain Music Festival

Happy Labor Day!
Today we took our first trip up to Mt Hood to watch the Mountain Music Festival at Timberline Lodge. It was a beautiful day and the music was awesome! We couldn’t sit still though and spent most of our time just wandering around the mountain side.

Now we’re eating dinner in Sandy at the Sandy Family Restaurant. I was expecting your typical Dennys style fare but was surprised with gourmet at a great price! And, local foods, bonus! Oregon beef, Oregon caught salmon, Oregon hazelnuts, Oregon huckleberry sauce and local, fresh, seasonal veggies. All delicious! Dave got the bacon-wrapped top sirloin with fries, I got the hazelnut crusted salmon. So good!

On the way home now to what we can only imagine will be an angry Pug-son. He had great caretakers today though and has already had dinner, so maybe he won’t be too upset…

My own personal handyman!

Every Sunday Dave runs the generator and the truck as part of his routine maintenance/upkeep/keeping the critters out of the engines. Last Sunday’s run turned that routine into a not-so-routine repair. 

As he was walking toward the control panel to turn off the generator we heard the sound of something getting caught in and being thrown around by the metal fan of the generator. So, Dave “calmly” runs over and shuts down the screaming machine and just as “calmly” goes outside to see what happened. What happened was: the wing nut that holds the metal air filter cover on rattled loose over time causing the cover to fall off and bounce into the fan only to get thrown around the compartment with enough force to destroy itself, the starting solenoid, the foam that covers the fan and the plastic piece that holds the foam over the fan. Luckily it didn’t get into the engine… So, we “calmly” go inside, get online and order the $40 dollar solenoid and continue on with our day. We got it in the mail the other day and Dave installed it yesterday and beat the air filter cover back into somewhat reasonable shape, it will be put back on with a bolt. So, for those of you in RVs with generators, you might want to occasionally check the wing nut on the air filter cover to make sure it hasn’t rattled loose…

So, that was yesterdays repair. Today’s repair was the toilet! 

Toilet parts and lots of tools in the hallway...probably not a good sign.

Toilet parts and lots of tools in the hallway…probably not a good sign.

Things wear out, it’s just the way of the world. In an RV, things seem to wear out often. This time, it was the seals and the flush ball in the toilet. Age and heavy minerals in the water (which are different at every park we go to) built up over time until the seals warped and the toilet no longer held water. Not a horrible thing but annoying, especially when it’s the water held in the bowl that keeps the smell of the septic tank out of the living space. It was actually a pretty easy repair (according to my personal repairman) and could have been done in about 2 hours if the repairman didn’t do any cleaning (which would probably not be done at a repair shop). It only took Dave an additional hour to scrape off the mineral deposits (and other nasty build-ups) from the sewage pipe so that the new flush ball wouldn’t get scraped up like the last one, that step alone should help the repairs last longer. And those same hands cooked our dinner as soon as he was done… 

We also replaced the toilet seat. The flimsy, plastic one that came with the RV was starting to degrade. We bought a regular house toilet seat for $20 at Lowe’s. It’s much sturdier than the original and looks really good. And it was about 1/2 the price of the direct replacement, $40 for another flimsy, plastic one. 

The toilet and generator parts we ordered from Best prices, our orders were accurate and arrived quickly. We’ve ordered from them a few times with no issues! 

Dizzy wasn’t allowed to supervise today…

Dizzy is so bored!

Dizzy is so bored!


Time for some change!!

It’s time for us to clean up our eating! We’ve been eating badly for the last few weeks and we’re feeling it! We’ve been sluggish, exhausted, had all kinds of aches and pains, heartburn…overall just feeling like blah…not cool.

So, today we started the Advocare 24 Day Challenge. Learn more about the Challenge here and keep track of our progress at our side blog, (This link isn’t working for some reason, I guess you’ll have to copy and paste until I can figure it out, sorry :( ) Leave us a comment to cheer us on! :D

Advocare is a nutrition and wellness company that I’ve been involved with for quite a few years. I have a bit more info on the other blog and on my Advocare site but I would love to answer any questions about it! Want to know more about the company, the products or the business opportunity? Email me at

We would love for you to join us on the 24 Day Challenge!


PS: We’re not doing the 24 Day Challenge just to lose some weight or get “skinny”, we’re doing it to boost our health.


Vacation for Mr Hardy

We’re slacking on updates but we’ll get caught up here soon. For the last 10 days we’ve been busy with this guy.


Mr Hardy at Silver Falls State Park

Dave’s oldest grandson Isaac flew out to spend 10 days of his summer vacation with us. We’ve taken him on a 1500 mile whirlwind tour of Oregon. He flies out tonight, time went by way too quick but I think he still enjoyed his stay.

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s a……. Iridium Flare?

What is an iridium flare? Well…..if you were with us at the “Star Party” at Stub Stewart last night about 10ish then you would be able to see one. Here is some background:

We also got to see the rings of Saturn with some awesome detail.

Fun, fun and more fun!!

The walk home (about 2 miles) was through the woods with (mostly) no flashlights because the moon was about 99% illuminated – bright!!!


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