Watching the time fly by…

I can’t believe it’s already the end of March!! What happened to the rest of the month?! Or the rest of the 5 months we’ve been here? Geez, time flies by way too quickly.

We’ve been staying pretty busy the last couple of weeks.

We started with the trip to Bandon and Langlois that Dave mentioned a couple of weeks ago. I found a few more pictures…

After we ate our delicious hot dogs at the Langlois Market we went across the street to the Wild Rivers Wool shop which has been closed on all of our other trips there. It’s an amazing shop, for crafty people like me anyway, and the owner is really nice so we stayed and chatted with her for at least 30 minutes. During the conversation we mentioned that we would love to find a farm or ranch somewhere that needed help. Just so happens we were talking to the right person and she invited us to come out to her sheep farm for a tour and lunch, of course we accepted! A couple days before we were supposed to go she asked if we’d be willing to help with some last minute sheep shearing, and of course we said yes! We got up early that next Thursday and went back to Langlois to help wrangle sheep for the shearer. It only took about an hour but we had so much fun with it! She has a small herd of Shetland sheep which are a smaller breed of sheep, they only weigh about 60 pounds so they’re easier to handle.  She also has a super cute and friendly Corgi. He and Dizzy sniffed each other for about 10 seconds then acted like they’ve known each other forever and just hung out, not really paying attention to each other. We will definitely be going back the farm at a later date to help clean up some land and learn more about wool processing, spinning, felting and hand dying. Can’t wait!

After leaving the farm we reached the intersection and sat at the stop sign for a few minutes deciding “Do we want to turn left and head home or turn right and head south?”. Since we’re blogging about it though I’m sure you can guess what we chose…we turned right… We drove south down Hwy 101 all the way to the California border, just because.

First stop was Cape Blanco State Park to see Cape Blanco Lighthouse. It sits on the western most point in Oregon and is an insanely windy but beautiful place. It was so windy I had the hardest time standing still just to get a picture.

Cape Blanco Lighthouse on a crazy windy day. I could barely stand still long enough to snap a shot. Side-note: We've taken our RV down that road....

Cape Blanco Lighthouse on a crazy windy day. I could barely stand still long enough to snap a shot. Side-note: We’ve taken our RV down that road….

Next stop was a place called Arizona Beach. We’ve seen it many times but have never stopped. It’s a great day use area. Right off the main highway but probably not visited by too many tourists. An awesome place to take kids for picnics and kite flying.

Then we just went straight on to the end of the state.

By then it was dinner time so we headed back into Brookings for pizza at our favorite pizza place in Oregon, Zola’s. The pizza is always amazing and we love the decor, especially the bathroom. All of the wall and ceiling space is covered in the artwork of the patrons who take advantage of the butcher paper and crayons on the tables and the bathroom is totally painted in chalkboard paint and there’s a bowl of chalk on the counter. It’s always busy and for good reason, fresh made wood-fired pizza and a great atmosphere. We stopped here about 5 years ago on our very first trip together down the Oregon Coast and come back every time we’re in Brookings.

We left just before sunset and made it to Harris Beach State Park just in time to see the sun disappear. Then we made the 2 and a half hour, 130 mile drive back home in the dark. By nightfall, Hwy 101 is very quiet. We passed less than 10 vehicles the whole way home and luckily only saw 1 deer!

Back at home we got a couple of things done in the last couple weeks. We finally built a pantry shelf in the kitchen. We’ve got the first half of it finished and will build the rest when we get settled in to the next park. And, I finally pruned my leggy geranium.

We also cleaned up a fallen cedar tree snag in the museum yard so there is a fresh stack of firewood for the incoming hosts! You’re welcome :)

We’ve been working every day since Friday and have three more days left. It’s Spring Break here in Oregon so we have been busy! The first few days we had absolutely gorgeous weather, on Tuesday it started raining and has been grey and wet since. Even with the wind and rain, Dave has been doing back to back tours, he loves it when we’re busy though!  Even the dogs are tired from greeting everyone.

We did find time, however, to finally get out on the Dunes on ATVs! A friend invited us out on his rigs and, even though one of the ATVs broke down and had to be towed/pushed back to the truck, we had an absolute blast! We can’t wait for the next opportunity to get out there and ride! And, we lucked out with the weather, it was a really nice, sunny day with no wind blowing sand in our faces.

So, we’ve been busy but we’ve had a lot of fun and learned some new skills.

What a combo…

Some things just seem to work together well… Ice cream and chocolate. Laurel and Hardy. Lighthouses and boats.

You get the idea…

Today after work it was a bike ride, the Pacific ocean view and a sailboat. We decided to take a break from the gym and go for a bike ride. We tooled around Lake Marie and then down the hill toward the ocean.

When we got there we could just make out a sailboat on the golden horizon. At first it looked like it was struggling to make it back into Winchester Bay but it soon became apparent that the captain knew exactly what he was doing. He went back and forth in the heavy waves expertly maneuvering the sailboat between the rocky jetties.

The winds today were about 30 miles an hour and with both sails full up, it was quiet a task. At least from our point of view on the south edge of the jetty.

The crew waved as they passed by us sitting on the jetty… A beautiful sight to see.

The sun sucking Dave's hair into its rays...

The sun sucking Dave’s hair into its rays…

R e l a x i n g...

R e l a x i n g…

While watching the sailboat ease by…

0322041851 0322041851c 0322041851b 0322041851a

We ended up at “Ungers”… The only floating restaurant in Winchester Bay for coffee. We had a spectacular view from there too. (A great ham-n-cheese too!!!)

0322041928a 0322041925

What a combo…waves, sailboat, wind in your face, salty air, and pretty girl sitting next to me.

Sigh – only gets better in Heaven.

Can’t see it being a whole lot better than that though…

Grant’s Getaways — Rolling through Oregon history


Stub Stewart State Park and the Banks Vernonia Trail were feature on Grant’s Getaways and Travel Oregon. We’ll be there again for our 6th or 7th season this summer. We absolutely love this park!! Come see us there! We’ll show you around!

Originally posted on Your Parks "Go Guide":

Banks-Vernonia State Trail (trail information, map & directions to park)

L.L. Stub Stewart State Park (park information, map & directions to park)

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Breaking Bad in Bandon (Sort-of)

NO…we don’t do drugs. So put your mind in another direction.

We DO however “do” chocolate… And it is easy to get addicted to. Especially if you have ever visited the Bandon Oregon cranberry Sweets. When you walk into the store almost all of their products are on display and almost all have a bowl handy for you to taste before you buy. And THAT is how the addiction begins. The “dealers” always say the first one is free…


We spent most of the afternoon walking around Old Bandon and enjoying the shops and vendors. Here are some cameo shots..

We had a great time. But we have to go back.. We were supposed to visit the Face Rock Creamery but did not make it.   F A I L… Sort of . I guess we were so relaxed and had no agenda we just let it slip our minds.

Sooooooooooooo – sounds like a good excuse to go back!!!

PS. We spent less than $20 (this time) at the chocolate store. So I guess we did OK.

Come to the beach March 22-29 for whale watching & spring beach cleaning


Umpqua River Lighthouse was named #1 for whale watching this spring! Come on out and join us for whale watching and take a tour of our lighthouse!! We’ll be there all week :)

Originally posted on Your Parks "Go Guide":

Gray whale tailThe Oregon coastline is the place to be March 22-29 for whale watchers hoping for a flash of a tail or spray from a spout. Nearly 160 gray whales cruise north each day on their annual spring migration and their numbers usually peak about the last week in March — just in time for the Spring Whale Watch Week.

Bring your questions to the trained volunteers stationed at 24 “Whale Watching Spoken Here” sites 10 a.m.-1 p.m. each day during the week. They’ll also share tips about spotting some of the 18,000 gray whales heading from their breeding grounds on Mexico’s Baja coast to their summer feeding grounds in the Bering and Chukchi Seas. Oregon State Park rangers and volunteers also will be at the Whale Watching Center in Depoe Bay 10 a.m-4 p.m. each day.

Visitors hoping to spot some of these passing giants should come to the coast with…

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Would YOU drive 120 miles for a hot dog?

Would you drive 120 miles for a hot dog? You would say “yes” if you had ever had a home-made Langlois hotdog.

Langlois Oregon – Also known as “Best Hot Dogs in Oregon”,+OR+97450/@42.924854,-124.4525611,15z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m2!3m1!1s0x54c4bfadb3f967ad:0x4b545e8bbd741239

Where the hades is Langlois? Well, start in Coos Bay and head south for half an hour or so. When you see this sign – stop! You have made it to the best hot dog place on the coast:
0312041438 0312041420a

These hot dogs are home-made and they make their own mustard too!!! Add a great bun and fresh pickles – H E A V E N -

0312041427a 0312041427

Just look at the size of those dogs and the smile on Dave’s face.

H E A V E N… Great home-made chili too!!! Is that chili on those Cheetos?

Great outdoor seating in the sun… Check out that dog above the door!



We both had a dog, chips, drink AND a huge cup of chili for under $10 (excluding the 120 miles round trip of course…)

Worth it!!!

Can U See what I See?

OK… RV’s are historically dark. Not because we the RVer’s want it that way. It’s just that they seem to be built that way. Our RV is a 2010 model and you would think with all of man’s achievements that at least ONE of the light fixtures in our RV would be an LED.


Like I said. They come that way…

Over the past few years/months/days/weeks we have worked to upgrade our lights in the rig to LEDs. This is one of those upgrades. We finally put two LED bars above our dinner table. It was soooooooooooooo dark before. I suppose some of the dinners we have eaten in the past were based on the smell of the food alone.

But no more.

We kept the fixture that came with the RV and tied the two new LED bars into it. The original wiring is pretty heavy duty because it supported heat-making kind of hot light bulbs…

So we tapped into the power lines of the old fixture. See how easy the wires connected?


Is the gold wire “hot” or is the silver wire “hot” or are they both hot? Whatever – let’s just believe in evolution and they will simply put themselves together…



So after we tap the main line we needed to put the switch in. Of course that was supposed to be the “easy” part of this adventure.

Nope. Not gonna happen. Never does…

We discover that our original plan/path to run the wire is -blocked- by a wood support hidden in the false wall.


So we re-route the wires to the switches another way. This of course took TWO DAYS to figure out and another day to fish the wire through an path that we did not want to go through. But, we won. The lines to connect the power switches finally made it. I say “switches” because we decided to have a “his” and “her” individual power switches. Here is a look a the switch pack just before we put it in place.


Then secure the plate to the wood…


It all looks good. And the final result is:

L I G H T………………….M U C H O   L I G H T!!!


OK…Sing along with me now:  ” I can see clearly now the rain is gone…”

Shore Acres – Words do not do it justice…

So..I have pictures. Lots of them. We took over 250 or so pictures on our last visit to the park. We would have taken more but the battery died in the camera and we were WAY too busy just drooling over the awesome waves.

And without my normal smarty-pants comments here are some of the pictures. If you look close in a couple of them you will see me and be able to gauge just how huge the waves were.




















And finally the young couple in love poses for the camera…



Go Mazda GO!!

On Tuesday two good friends of ours came out to “sea” us. They’d never been this far south on the Oregon Coast so we treated them to a Lighthouse and Museum tour and then we headed even further south for lunch and a trip to Shore Acres State Park to watch the waves crash.

The weather has been really stormy here which makes for an angry ocean that sends giant waves crashing to the beach. Shore Acres is the place to go to see action during winter storms. Unfortunately, we missed the high tide and the peak of the action. Big waves were still crashing into the rocks but weren’t as showy or explosive as they would be at high tide. Dave and I are heading back down there again today to try to catch some of the action.

On the way home that night my 2001 Mazda Protege hit 200,000 miles!! Woohoo!



Other than the work that we’ve posted here on this blog nothing major has been done outside of routine maintenance in the almost 11 years I’ve had it. Oil change every 6,000 – 10,000 thousand miles, one air filter since 2007 (K&N :)) I’m on the 4th set of tires, 3rd set of shocks and that’s about it really. Hopefully later this year I’ll be able to get a nice new paint job and a set of wheels and make it look brand new again for the next 10+ years. My car has taken me on hundreds of road trips through New Mexico, Arizona, Utah, Nevada, California, Idaho, Colorado, and all over Oregon and Washington.


We need more light Scotty!!! Engage…

RV’s can be dark caves. Most start out with 12 volt incandescent (old school) bulbs… They get hot and are a danger when left on for a long time. Think of leaving your car door open and how hot the dome light gets…

Anyway, we decided to upgrade to LED’s a long time ago. They are costly but they work great. We try to get the best for each situation and recently spent about $170 upgrading some dark areas in the RV.

An area we needed some more light in was the kitchen. We finally upgraded the ONE single old-school lightbulb over the stove to an awesome LED light bar…

Thinking   Droptheold Wire SwitchCut  FixWires2 FixWires

We had to remove the old fan shroud, fabricate a switch plate and run some new wire. Helps to be flexible…


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